All of the wood floor sanding services we offer to you in Croydon have an individual character, which means we always keep in mind the individual requirements of the project and your personal expectations and desires, however here are the main features we can improve, when delivering high-quality sanding services:

  • Solid wood floor sanding – Recommended for newly installed unfinished or worn and older wooden floors in every species available. It helps for creating a uniform and smooth surface.
  • Engineered wood floor sanding – Essential part of the restoration concept of this manufactured product. Besides the visual improvement, engineered floor sanding helps the floor to be more sturdy and durable.
  • Parquet sanding – Precise, detailed and gentle to the floor. It is really important not to lose the art line of the pattern due to over-sanding.
  • Commercial floor sanding – Flexible and adapted to large-scale projects, it is timely and well-organised.