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Engineered wood floor sanding in Croydon | Croydon Floor Sanders

Engineered wood is a popular choice nowadays in Croydon and this is really easy to understand why, since engineered wood is created as a great alternative to hardwood, made to look and feel like a completely real product. In fact, engineered wood has a natural heritage, but is manufactured to offer more durability and longevity. Engineered planks are made from several layers of lumber or plywood, glued together and topped with a real wood veneer, offered in all wood species available for hardwood floors.

Since engineered wood brings most of the features of hardwood, you can imagine engineered floors can also be a subject of issues. The same damage causers, affecting hardwood also affect the surface and the whole construction in this case, causing scratches, defects and imperfections, stains, gaps, loose or broken planks and more. So, having an engineered wood floor also requires care and maintenance and hiring sanding experts in Croydon occasionally, in order to keep the good condition.

If you wonder what sanding stays for and what are the benefits of this service for your owning, here is a short review of what our sanding experts perform in Croydon.

Inspecting the floor

In order to help you understand the real benefits of the process and the options you have, our company offers a free site visit in Croydon as a part of our special offers. In a convenient for you day, after a previously arranged appointment on 020 70360625, our professionals will visit your property to inspect the existing floor and recommend what is best for your project. We always offer honest and reliable information and won’t lie to you about the condition of the floor, what can and what cannot be achieved. We always have respect for your ideas.

Sanding and restoration

We have a long and rich experience and a lot of knowledge accumulated in the sanding field, having restored hundreds of floors in Croydon. And even for so many years, we are always excited about how our clients will be impressed by the final result. Our professional-grade machines are highly effective and provide a far superior finish than the DIY models you can rent. In addition, this equipment is completely low-dust and we will leave your project super tidy.

You are dedicated to ensuring your engineered flooring will be finished according to the highest standards. We will arrive on time and finish on time, delivering the best possible service, using top quality products, achieving and matching your exact needs and expectations at an affordable price.

We will advise you on the best finish for your floor for the upcoming sealing service, which is always recommended. In addition, we will provide you with maintenance information, helping you decide your efficient and timely daily cleaning routine.

Why Done It Professionally?

There is always the option to hire all the equipment you need for an engineered wood floor sanding and refinishing project and attempt a DIY project. However, this is definitely not recommended as every DIY project may end up being a total nightmare, especially if you don’t have any previous experience. Our experts have a ton of experience and knowledge under the belt. They will use the right types of abrasives, focusing on removing only the old layer of worn finish and imperfections from the surface of the floor and retaining the top layer of the floorboards themselves as much as possible. This will leave the floorboards with their initial thickness and strength, which will allow a new sanding service in future and more decades for you to enjoy your beautiful and contemporary floor.

Check Out Our Portfolio of Wood Floor Services

As an experienced leader in the wood floor services and industry in Croydon, we have years of experience catering for a wide range of services designed to improve all types of wood flooring. Here are just a few examples of the beneficial services we can deliver:

  • Initial inspection of the floor and its condition is always included for every new project we start. It gives us the chance to determine the best and most necessary treatments required according to the condition of the floor.
  • Wood floor repair takes care of all the major and minor issues and imperfections. It minimizes the risk of smaller issues growing bigger and causing a significant problem. There are major wood floor repair projects that cover the entire floor and spot repairs that usually include replacement of the too damaged floorboards with new ones.
  • Wood floor sanding is the perfect solution for refreshing the look of older and worn solid wood, engineered wood, and parquet floors. Sanding removes the layer of old finish on top of the floor along with all imperfections on the surface and prepares the bare wood floor refinishing.
  • Wood floor refinishing is the application of a sealing product that improves the floor visually and ensures extra protection and preservation of the original colour and texture of the wood species.
  • Wood floor staining can either intensify and enhance the natural colour of the wood species or completely change it.
  • Gap filling is great for improving the structural integrity of the floor and improving the insulation.
  • Wood floor recovering is designed for oiled and waxed wood floors and does not require a stressful and messy sanding service beforehand.

How Often to Hire an Engineered Wood Floor Sanding Service?

Depending on the thickness of the top layer of the engineered wood planks, the floor can be sanded up to four times in their lifetime. This means you can enjoy an engineered wood floor that looks brand new for many decades.

  • Engineered wood floorboards with a top lamella layer of three mm can be sanded only once.
  • Commonly, you can recognise if the engineered wood floor has a top layer three mm when the planks are with two or three strips.
  • Hardwood floors usually come with an eighteen mm thick plank and can be sanded up to the tongue and groove which means a sandable depth of approximately seven mm. This is almost as much as six mm engineered wood flooring.

If you would like to arrange a free on-site visit and to give a chance to Croydon Floor Sanders to prove you our complete and dust-free sanding service, be sure to contact us via our phone, e-mail or through the contact form of our website.

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